Partying in Bocas del Toro, Panama

Where to Stay
True partiers stay at Mondo Taitu or Aqua Lounge. The former is a pretty legendary hostel, but don’t expect any luxuries here whatsoever- it is just a mattress to sleep on for a few hours every night. You will probably become good friends with the other people in your room.

Where to Party
Every night travellers will either be directed to La Iguana or Aqua Lounge. They are both great places and both have docks you can jump off of if you want to take the night to the next level. There is little, but definitely some integration with locals here, but like San Juan Del Sur, it is mostly a place for backpackers to connect.

Standard Top 40, Reggaeton and Bob Marley (keep in mind this is on the Caribbean coast). Bars will play some decent EDM, but don’t come here for the music. Things don’t get as weird as they do in San Juan Del Sur.

During the Day
Another surf town. Visit the beautiful beaches and/or get cheap surf lessons.  You can also visit a beach that Survivor was filmed on.