Partying in Roatan, Honduras

Where to Stay
Just find a hostel on the West End (not West Bay!) off the beach. No good party hostels (we stayed at Goffrey’s).

Where to Party
Finding a good crowd is almost impossible on this island. Most bars shut down at 10 p.m. and then there is nowhere else to go.

Check out Sundowners and Fosters, but you really have to just roam around the West End looking for a bar with people. This island caters to families looking for a nice quiet beach (which is the West Bay) and backpackers typically use this island to fly to or to ferry to Utila. The only reason Roatan is listed on the site is because some people actually enjoy the quiet, low-key beach drinking, especially before or after a week in Utila. You could get lucky and meet some fun travellers and will probably meet every backpacker on the island if you are there for a couple of nights. Also note that lot of cruise ships stop on this island.

Top 40 and classic rock.

During the Day
Decent scuba diving and a couple nice, quiet beaches.