Partying in Luang Prabang, Laos

Snake Whiskey

Where to Stay
Stay at Spicylaos Backpackers Hostel – you will meet the most people here and you can try their snake whiskey for free. If full, just find a decent hostel nearby.

Where to Party
The town has a really early curfew but there are a couple of spots that go late. Before curfew check out Utopia, which is a really nice outdoor bar with a great view. Most backpackers drink and end up at the Bowling Alley every night, which actually turns into a great party. There is also decent club called Dao Fah where a lot of locals hang out.

Top 40 and random stuff.

During the Day
There are some cool temples in town that you can check out. Everyone also goes to Kuang Si Falls, which are beautiful waterfalls you can swim in. The falls are just outside of town so you have to take a taxi/tuk tuk.