Partying in Krakow, Poland

Where to Stay

Stay at Greg & Tom’s, Pink Panther’s or Mama’s Hostel. These are all great places for meeting travellers and pre-drinking before heading out. Most nights they have decent events for guests so be sure to take part (especially vodka tasting).

Where to Party
Head out on a pub crawl on your first night – there are several to choose from, some being associated with the hostels. None of them are that wild but they are all generous with the drinks at bars and will guarantee that you hit some of the best bars. This city is so dense with bars that it is impossible to hit all the good ones with a week’s stay but be sure to try several every night, as they are all pretty close to each other (around the main city square).

They all tend to look like cellars and a lot are tough to see from the street (which is why I advocate for the pub crawls), but all of them have really unique vibes and it is pretty easy to chat with locals. Frantic and Shakers are usually pretty happening but keep your ear out for parties each night – the hostels are great at telling you what is popular on certain days. The bars don’t shut down till pretty late, so expect a lot of wild nights here.  Many times nights will end with all your friends at different places.

You will hear a wide variety of music at the bars/clubs, most of it being Top 40 but you could get lucky with some rock or electronic – it just depends on who is spinning.

During the Day
Walk around the city – it is really cool. Eat cheap fine dining and grab bagels off the street. Check out the salt mines in Wieliczka – they have crazy statues, churches and objects made of salt. I would also suggest taking a tour of Auschwitz Birkenau Holocause concentration camps, which is quite an eye opening experience.