Partying in Groningen, Netherlands

Kokomo Nightclub, Groningen

Where to Stay
Stay at Bud Gett Hostel.

Where to Party
Groningen is a compact student town and pretty much every other property is a bar/club.  Bars don’t have to close at any time here so expect to be out till 7 in the morning every night (weekdays are probably busier than weekends).  Most spots look like bars, but everyone dances to clubby music.  I would suggest walking around the streets at night and hitting all the bars that look busy (which will be a lot).  A lot of the bars here tend to go through many name-changes, but check out Kokomo Beach Club, Drie Gezusters, Ocean 41 and Shooters.  Start your night at Het Kasteel for extremely cheap shots of almost anything – people get absolutely plastered here and its a great place to meet visitors/students from all over the world.  I highly recommend visiting this city, which is only a 2-hour (20 Euro) train ride from Amsterdam.  All the locals are extremely friendly to visitors and speak perfect English and the streets are full of partiers almost every night until 5 a.m.

Grote Market - Drie Gezustas Bar, Groningen
Grote Market – Drie Gezusters Bar, Groningen

Groningen is also amazing for music of all genres. Most bars play a good mix of house and top-40, but you can find good electronic at Simplon, Pand48, Paradigm Subsonic. You will hear a lot of dubstep, dnb, techno and house. Vera is a famous concert venue that has hosted loads of huge rock bands – check to see who is playing here during your stay.

During the Day
Rent a bike and ride around the magical city. Check out the Grote Market and the Fish Market (if open). The Groningen Museum is really cool and the top of the Martini Tower offers a good view of the city.  There is also good shopping in Groningen if you are looking for clothes.