Partying at Oktoberfest (Munich), Germany

Oktoberfest Tent

Where to Stay
What matters is that you find anywhere to stay. Munich hostels and hotels are completely sold out during this time, so book something at least a couple months in advance.  Oktoberfest takes place in late September to early October.  Wombat’s and Euro Youth Hostel are decent party spots. If you are having trouble finding a bed to sleep on during Oktoberfest, check out Hostival.  This is a pop-up hostel for festivals like Oktoberfest. Each room is in a tent-like structure and has a few bunk beds in it. There is no heating, so make sure you get really drunk so that you don’t realize how cold you are at night. Great place to meet serious ragers.  Hostival is also located in this cool industrial nightclub district called Kult Fabric (a few streets but packed with clubs and partiers). This area is a great place for anyone to come party once the Oktoberfest tents are closed.

Hostival, Munich, Oktoberfest
Hostival – Yes, this was my hostel in Munich

Where to Party
At Oktoberfest, you party in massive tents that sit thousands and thousands of belligerent Bavarians anywhere between 16 and 70 years old. You have to buy these massive 10 Euro beers, but don’t worry, you only need a few to get hammered. The difficult part of Oktoberfest is getting a seat in one of the tents. There are hundreds of tables with long benches but they get filled very quickly.  Many travellers wake up really early to get in line for a spot in the tents, which open at 9 a.m. on weekends and 10 a.m. on weekdays. Another way of doing it is to go into the tent anytime during the day, grab some beers and drink them standing up and keep your eye open for people leaving so you can take their spots. It also helps to make friends with people that do have spots at tables, as they might be willing to squeeze over and let you sit.  

People worry way too much about this –  just get drunk and go with the flow.  If a tent is completely full and they don’t let you in, just find another one. The tent parties are also really happening at night (open until around 11:30 p.m.) and you will have some epic sing-alongs with thousands of people.  Oktoberfest is great because you will meet so many locals and other travellers in the tents and the overall atmosphere is very positive and celebratory.  Outside of the tents they have rides and games, make sure you do these as well (especially the most nauseating rides).

Outside the Tents at night at Oktoberfest

In the tents they have bands that play German drinking songs all day – you will definitely know them all off by heart before you leave. At night, some of the tents have bands playing popular music covers (a lot of Beatles songs, for example). You will not hear any Electronic music, but that is okay because you can just go to Berlin after. In the Kult Fabric area, you will hear mostly all top 40 and some house.

During the Day
he party is all day and all night.  Make sure you try the rotisserie chicken they serve in the tents (you will see thousands of them being served). Also eat the giant pretzels and pickles.