Partying in Rome, Italy

BTP - Rome - Spanish

Spanish Steps in Rome at Night

Where to Stay
The Yellow is the party hostel in Rome.  They have a bar and the general atmosphere is conducive to meeting other travellers.  They will also give good recommendations on where to go out at night.

Where to Party
Rome is definitely known for its pub crawls and they are all very busy every night, making it easy to meet tons of other partiers in the city.  There are two main crawls (either one will be good):

While you can certainly have some crazy nights out in Rome, it is not a city known for its clubs or raging in general.  Cover charges and drinks are also pretty expensive.  Make sure you walk around the Testaccio neighbourhood at night as it is the main clubbing area.  If you want something low-key but still really cool, walk around Trastevere.  Notable clubs are La Maison, Akab and Gilda. The Fiddler’s Elbow Irish bar is a good spot to meet people as well.

Mostly Top 40, hip hop and house wherever you go.  Some of the clubs in Testaccio will play techno.

During the Day
Check out the Coliseum, take a tour of the Vatican (home of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel), hang out by the Spanish Steps, shop for clothing (expensive though), and drink amazing coffee and eat awesome food.