Partying in La Paz, Bolivia

Loki Hostel, La Paz, Bolivia

Where to Stay
Everyone looking to party either stays at Wild Rover or Loki. They both have bars that get pretty wild most nights. If you cannot get into these hostels, some travellers stay at Adventure Brew. All of these hostels are under $10 per night.

Where to Party
Like Cusco, the hostels throw great events every night. Non-hostel guests to attend as well but must sign-in with security. When the hostel bars close, everyone will be directed to go to a bar/club.

The venues here are not as crazy as those in Cusco, so don’t set your expectations too high. It is also difficult to get close with the locals in this city and there is certainly a divide between them and the backpackers.  The places worth checking out are:
-Hard Rock Cafe – big open dance floor that can get pretty wild if busy
-Traffic – loungy and pretty tame
-Mythology – good club if busy
-Mechanical Wood – awesome grungy bar
-Route 36 – look it up

Pretty standard club music and a lot of American rock music at the grungier places.  Very tough to find good techno.

During the Day
The biggest attractions are either in La Paz or a bus ride away.
These include:
-Salt flats, lagoons and volcanoes around Unuyi (need to take an overnight bus to get here)
-Death Road – companies take you here and rent you mountain bikes that you ride on an extremely dangerous road on a mountain
-Jump out of a building in downtown La Paz (company is called Urban Rush)

Urban Rush, La Paz, Bolivia
Urban Rush – Jumping out of a building

I would also suggest going out for dinners every night that would be extremely expensive in your hometown because here they will be $10-$20.

General Comments
La Paz is a very common stop for backpackers going through South America mostly because of how insanely cheap everything is.  I wouldn’t suggest making La Paz the focus of any vacation if you are just looking to party. However, if you are already in the general area, it is a must (especially for the hostels).