Partying in Montreal, Canada

Bal en Blanc Electronic Music Festival

Where to Stay
There are some decent hostels here, but none very infamous for partying. For a more social setting with staff-organized events, stay at Le Jazz St. Denis or Auberge de Jeunesse.

Where to Party
Montreal offers a wide variety of nightlife.  Bars serve alcohol until 3 a.m., which gives the city an advantage over its rival Toronto (2 a.m. last call). A good way to get the night started is to eat dinner at a bring-your-own-wine restaurant (no corking fee), which are very popular amongst the young crowd – L’Academie is a good one. upper clubs are also big here – these are trendy restaurants that turn into bar/clubs later in the night and I recommend Time, Buonanotte and Globe. The St. Laurent strip has some great clubs, including Tokyo and Musique, as well as an interesting dive bar called Le Bifteck. A lot of the university students party in this area. There are tons of bars on Crescent St. as well, which is a very popular tourist area, but still has an awesome vibe. There is also a great multi-level pub on St. Denis called Le Saint Sulpice, which I recommend, as nights here tend to get really sloppy.

But if you are coming all the way to Montreal, you need to experience the techno clubs. New City Gas is a giant church-like complex that hosts massive international DJs every week. Stereo and Circus are world-famous afterhours clubs, which attract huge techno, deep house and trance talents. If you want something a little more low-key (but still pretty raging), Velvet is an underground, intimate club in Old Montreal that you walk through a candle-lit cobblestone tunnel to get into.

New City Gas
New City Gas

Montreal is a thriving musical metropolis.  You can catch a lot of great indie/rock here, as well as any form of electronic music.

The aforementioned afterhours clubs bring in great acts, so check ResidentAdvisor before your trip if you are into the more underground stuff.  The city is also host to some amazing music festivals: Osheaga takes place outside during the summer for three days and you will see big rock bands, indie acts and DJs perform.  Bal en Blanc takes place in a convention centre during the spring and everyone has to wear all white.  It begins in the evening and ends the next day around noon, containing an all-trance stage and an all-house/techno stage.

Osheaga Music Festival, Montreal, Quebec
Osheaga Music Festival

During the Day
While there aren’t very many tourist attractions in Montreal, you can still enjoy yourself during the day. The food is exquisite – make sure you try poutine, smoked meat and Montreal-style bagels. There are several different areas of the city to walk around and explore, as well as some good shopping.