Partying in Bruges, Belgium

Bruges at Night

Where to Stay
I would say your only option is St. Christopher Inn (aka Bauhaus). This isn’t really a party hostel, but it is the closest thing the city has to one.  You could definitely meet some fun backpackers in this city, but overall travellers here don’t come to rage all night.

Where to Party
Most tourists like to go to the pubs and try all the awesome Belgian beers.  De Garre is really popular and known for its 11% house beer called Tripel de Garre.  ‘t Brugs Beertje is pretty funny too – they have an insane variety of local beers and you feel like you are in your grandmother’s living room.  There is also a decent area in the city with some livelier bars/clubs where local students party – De Coulissen is the main club in this area and is actually pretty decent on a weekend night. There are some rowdy bar/clubs in this area, where you can drink cheap Belgian beer and meet cool locals. These places are also pretty close to the hostel and the main square.

Top 40. However, the Tomorrowland annual electronic music festival is usually held in a nearby city every year. Although it is really hard to get a ticket, I would try your best to experience this event once in your lifetime.

During the Day
Although Bruges isn’t the craziest party town, it is a unique, magical place. When you get there you feel like you have gone way back in time. Eat a lot of chocolate, waffles and french fries, climb to the top of the Belfry of Bruges, rent a bike, and, if you want to be really touristy, go on a boat tour through the canals.

One more nugget of advice – I would definitely suggest Bruges over Brussels if you have to make the choice. They both have the same beer, but Brussels feels like any large American city.