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Partying in Huacachina (Ica), Peru

Where to Stay
Stay at Casa de Arena or Bananas Hostel, which both have good swimming pools and bars outdoors.  The former also has a nightclub, but don’t expect any of these hostels to be packed with people.

Where to Party
There is a bar that overlooks the lagoon called Huacafuckingchina and most people end up here when the hostels are dead.  The bar is all tables and chairs so expect a lot of travellers playing drinking games and very little integration with locals.

During the Day
This oasis-like town is a typical stop for backpackers traveling South America because of its sand dunes upon which you can sand-board.  Aside from this activity, most people just lounge by the pools at the hostels.

General Comments
Huacachina is usually not a party town and I wouldn’t suggest coming here unless you want to dune-buggy/sand-board or check out the scenery. However, there is something magical about the place and it is definitely possible to get lucky and have an awesome night or two (especially if you are here on a weekend or in high season). There is the odd person that has stayed in the town for over a week, but most people spend one or two nights here.  You can take a Cruz del Sur bus from most most major cities nearby, such as Lima or Cusco.

Partying in Quito, Ecuador

General Comments
We stayed at the Secret Garden and it was a nice hostel, but not a party. Quito is not a party city at all and almost all travellers use it for its airport and to get to other cities like Banos or Montanita. I didn’t meet anyone here who had been ‘out’ and you hear a lot of rumours that the streets aren’t very safe at night. But who knows, take your chances and let me know!